While driving your motorbike, it is necessary that you must be comfortable and safe. Besides wearing comfortable dress, it is also important what gear you must wear. If you discard your protective clothing during summer days, with the pretext that it is too hot may result into broken bone or cracked skull just because you did not wear the right clothing.

Even for women motorcycle driver there are plenty of dress materials that you can shop from certain special shops who are specialized in keeping women’s wear. As per the Motorcycle Industry Council, among the total motorcycle driver population of 27 million, only 6.7 million are women. Also, only 12.5 per cent of the motorcycle drivers are real owners of the motorcycle. Therefore, majority of the women are among the passengers in a motorcycle. That is the reason, market for women’s motorcycle gear is limited as most of the women do not see them as real rider.

Following are few tips for selecting the right kind of wear when you are driving any motorbike for adventure.

  • Keep your head protected

Head is the most sensitive part that need to be protected at all cost when you are driving any motorbike. You must remember that you have only one head and if it gets damaged then no doctors can offer any transplants for your head. In certain part of the country however wearing helmet is not compulsory however as a motorcycle rider, you must surely wear helmet with a full cover on your face. It is too risky to drive motorcycle on the highway at high speed where many other vehicles are also moving at 120 MPH speed. Therefore, buy any best quality of helmet from any recognized store and make sure that it fits properly on your head.

  • Cover up yourself well

Leather jackets can be great choice for protecting your bones and skin and there are number of well-known manufacturers like Harley Davidson clothing Phoenix who use right kind of material and fabrics that can provide lots of protection to your body. They will have enough padding around their elbows and knees in the pants so that in case of any unfortunate accident you will not get any serious injuries.

  • Protect your feet too

You also need to wear right kind of boot in order to protect your feet and the heels, in case you lose your balance while driving. The boots should make you comfortable to change gears and apply brake in the motorcycle.

  • Hand gloves

Do not keep your hand exposed while driving your bike. You may likely to hit any rocks or any car can also get tossed up with you while moving in the traffic. Even if the climate is warm, you must wear hand gloves for sure. Even a bit of scratch can pain you a lot.

All the precautions are not only for driving any long-distance travel with a motorbike. Even if you have to make a short drive in nearby locality during summer season, don’t drive wearing shorts. Most of the accidents often take place near the home.

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