Do you have an exciting family road trip on your bucket list? Whether you’re exploring a new destination, returning to your favorite beach or visiting friends and family, road trips can be a great way to reach your destination. For larger families, the cost of flying is often prohibitive. The advantages of road trips are numerous.  Driving through our nation’s parks, experiencing coastal highways first hand and discovering out of the way gems are all part of fun road trips. If you’re heading out for a long trip for the first time with your family or you’re an experienced road warrior, follow these recommendations from the professional travel agents to ensure your trip is a huge success and filled with memories to last a lifetime!

The first step for any successful family road trip is adequate advance planning. Set your dates and define your budget. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and enjoy reduced hotel rates from the huge selection available through now. Depending on the route you’ve selected and the distance to your destination, book a hotel room to break up the trip. Even with two drivers, it’s recommended to not drive more than eight hours in one day. With small children in tow, eight hours is the absolute maximum amount of car time they can endure.

Prior to your trip, have your vehicle fully serviced and cleaned. The last thing you need is to have a break down on the side of the road that could have been avoided. Check tire treads and air pressure as well as all fluids. Clean windows in the interior and exterior. Have extra bags in the car for any trash that may accumulate. A first aid kit and extra blankets are safety basics that should be in the vehicle. Plan your route and departure time to avoid rush hour in and around major metropolitan areas. Identify rest stops and parks suitable for breaks and meals. Avoid driving any longer than two hours at a stretch. Drivers and small children alike need breaks to stretch and move.

Depending on the ages of your children, engage them in the selection of games and car activities for the long trip. An endless stream of videos and computer games will only ensure that you have cranky children upon arrival. Consider your car time to be uninterrupted family time and enjoy being together. Your children will definitely appreciate your engagement.  I spy games; storytelling games and spelling games are all great fun in the car and can entertain the entire family. Select snacks and drinks for the trip pin advance. Avoid foods with large amounts of added sugar and sodium. These will cause mood swings, bloating and lethargy. Opt for nuts, fruit and lemon flavored water.

Take plenty of photos, relax, enjoy the unexpected and consider your family road trip to be an adventure full of memories to last a lifetime for the entire family. Best of luck on your journey!

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