Poor quality fuel, improper connection of the engine, faulty electricity supply, broken wires etc. all can be reasons for not getting your motorcycle started. By researching over the net or calling an expert auto repair technician, it is important to get it solved as soon as possible. Troubleshooting each of these aspects one by one will help in getting your bike started and back in full flow again.

Investigating the spark or ignition system

This is the primary step to begin your troubleshooting procedure for your motorcycle. Check the condition of the spark plugs.  To properly test the spark plugs, you need to detach them from the head of the cylinder and again plug them into the plug cap.  Now, properly hold the plug in the upright position to a head bolt and switch on the engine.

If your spark plug is in right condition, you should see a spark travelling from electrode to the metal. If there is no spark or poor quality spark, then it is better to change the plugs and see if you are still getting the same outcome. Manualload.com is the trusted place where you will find rich collection of motorcycle manuals that are written in an easy and lucid way.

If after replacing the spark plug you are not seeing any spark then check the plug wires and caps. If they are in broken state, then replace them and perform an Ohm test.  Now check the ignition coil, the CDI box, rectifier, and other electrical components.  Lastly you should check and ensure that the coil connections are properly hooked up.

Air and Fuel Mixture

This is the second component that you need to troubleshoot to enjoy best running condition of your bike. A motorcycle generally gives problem when it is started for the 1st time or when it is started after a long gap. If you encounter any such issues, then may be the problem is there in the air and fuel mixture in the motorcycle.

When motorcycle is not used for long duration then also it dries out the fuel system.  Improper stabilization of the gas can lead to its breaking down, which won’t allow combustion.  By replacing your old gas by fresh gas fuel, you can create a big difference in the starting and running ability of the engine.

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If any of the cylinders has low or negligible compression, then also the engine won’t work properly. With the help of compression tester, check the compression and bring it to the desired level as per the specification.

Early and accurate identification of the issues in the motorcycle will not just prevent hefty expenses on repairs but also ensure you a safe and enjoyable ride.

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