The Renault Kwid has quite been the talk of the town for some time now. And very rightly so. After all, you normally don’t get the kind of features that the Renault promises you with the Kwid. Umpteen number of times, you may have come across reviews and comparisons about the car while surfing the internet. Often, the car is even compared with the likes of experienced players on the block, like the cars by Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai.


But yet, the entire story is never done until you know everything about the Kwid before you decide to grab out your wallet and book the car. So, if you are tempted toward buying this compact car, here are some things that you need to know before you plunge into it.

Renault Kwid: Things to know

The Interiors

The Renault Kwid has a lot of attention grabbing features on its outer body. The muscular front profile holds big bumpers and fog lamps under the unique looking grille. The side profile is boldly sculpted with extra cladding for the wheel arches that shouts out with an expression of authority.

Although the Kwid is a small car, the interiors narrate an entirely different story. The cabin is spacious with high legroom and headroom, keeping very less to complain about. The boot space is large and one of the best in class with an intake capacity of 300-litre. The dashboard holds a full digital instrument cluster with a large 7-inch infotainment system integrated with navigation. The lack of an analog tachometer further proves that the car is, indeed, digital.

Apart from all this, the Renault Kwid is built on a completely lightweight platform. At around 660 kgs, the mini car is lighter than the lightest car in the segment. This would, of course, draw you into thinking it meets the required Indian automobile norms. To some extent, the car could have been better in terms of safety. Safety airbags are only available as an option, that too, only for the driver as the passenger’s end is occupied with glove boxes. ABS (anti-lock braking system) is also given a complete miss.

Engine and Transmission

If you would have considered the muscular, mini SUV-ish Renault Kwid to be the most powerful as any car in the segment, you probably mistaken. The entry level variants has nothing other than a 0.8-litre engine that has a displacing capacity of 799 cc. This small engine makes a maximum of a meagre 54 bhp power at 5,678 revs per minute and a peak torque of 74 Nm at 4,386 revs per minute. However, the much hyped AMT (automated manual transmission) gearbox option is not available for the smaller engine and is elusive to the top end 1.0-litre engine variant. The top end variant makes a maximum power of 67 bhp and a highest torque of 91 Nm. The automatic transmission is smooth, although the driver might feel a little jerk in the first or second gear.

Economy and price efficiency

The French car maker claims that the Kwid is economical in the fuel section. And yes, it does have a great fuel mileage of over 25 kms per litre. Moreover, the car will also not pinch your pocket much. The entry level, manual transmission engine costs no more than Rs. 2.8 lakhs exclusive showroom. While the range topping 1.0-litre automatic transmission is retailed at just Rs. 4.5 lakhs. Now that’s something worth considering.


The first impression people have about a car that costs less that Rs. 4 lakhs is that it has to be a hatchback, or a sub-compact sedan at the most. So, here is the catch. Renault tried to root more towards the mini SUV-ish trait. It is small and compact, but at the same time, it is butch as well and from a distance, it looks no less than an SUV.


Like it or not, the Renault Kwid will surely feature in your probability list for you to spare a thought about. One has to accept that it is highly irresistible at such a small price tag. 98 percent localisation of production has helped the carmaker to maintain such a competitive price tag.

That said, if you are more concerned about safety, rather than just low cost and impressive features, you will definitely have a second thought, or will consider a second opinion, before you lay your hands on it. Missing out of ABS and safety airbags car turn out to be a big negative to this otherwise impressive

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