To drive on roads and in public, a driver needs to have a full driving license. To get a full driving license there is a need to pass two driving tests.

  1. Written or Theory test
  2. Practical test

Initially, beginners need a provisional license for driving practice then only he/she can book theory test. Only after the theory test is passed the candidates can apply for practical exam.

Theory test – Overview

The eligibility for a theory test is 17 years on the day they book. Theory test is a computer based exam, which includes case study questions as well as challenging your knowledge and skills about driving. DVSA administers the theory exam. It is designed to promote safe driving to ensure that the drivers and passengers are disciplined and capable road users.

What involves theory test?

Theory test includes 50 multiple choice questions and you will need to get at least 43 right answers. All the questions are based on Highway Code and road safety. You can take help from DVSA handbook and even advice from experienced driving school instructor. Many people find it hard, but they can invest some time regularly and practice. Online is the best source to get some practice using mock test.

Becoming a licensed driver requires both driving skills and knowledge of Highway Code and Traffic signs & signals. Different vehicle users like motorcycle, manual care, automatic car, and heavy trucks need to take different tests because driving rules and regulations differ.

Hazard perception is the second part of theory test. You will be presented with 14 video clips including potential road hazards. You will need to change speed, change direction, or stop. Be patient and look for developing hazard, if you detect them early then you will get more than the regular 5 scores.

Time limit to take practical test

Remember, the theory test certificate expires in 2 years, so you will need to clear the practical test within this time period. So start taking practical driving training as early as possible. Moreover many centers have lengthy waiting period, so you don’t want to wait long and pay for theory test all over again. Not to forget the effort to study again and the stress of test.

Start practical driving training

Get enrolled for practical driving practice at a reliable driving school, where the experienced instructor will give you more lessons.

They are in the best position to prepare you for passing the practical driving test. Having a skilled instructor helps to decrease nervousness and increase confidence level. The lessons are so well-designed that the learners get familiar with traffic signs, road signs, and safe driving techniques.

Remember to be eager and learn new techniques to decrease errors candidates make during the test. It is advised to take at least 30 – 40 hours of practice sessions, before the actual test. In case of doubts during practice ask the instructor instantly and clear your doubts.

Be focused and alert, while learning. You can learn a lot from previous mistakes, but make sure to avoid these errors in future. Driving lessons taken with patience and right attitude helps to perform confidently in the test and pass easily.

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