A truck scale or weighbridge is a set of scale that transporters use to weigh bulk items. Most weighbridge manufacturers mount this set of scale on a concrete surface. The unit has a digital or electronic monitor that displays the weight of the vehicles. People mostly use weighbridges to weigh large vehicles like rail containers or trucks that are used in moving goods. Therefore, you need a reliable and accurate weighing that will give the industry exact figures of the track. There are various types of weighbridges in the market. You can choose one depending on your budget and intended use. One of the most common designs in the concrete weighbridges.

Concrete weighbridges are ideal solutions for weighing articulated vehicles and motor vehicles. These weighbridges are specially designed to handle highly concentrated loads. It is an excellent option for individuals who are looking for massive load-bearing strength that requires minimum maintenance. The number of users who are going for concrete weighbridge decks has been on the rise. Most concrete decks support throughputs of bulky materials. Concrete weighbridges are also designed to keep installation, operation, and maintenance as simple as possible. You can use this structure even in the most corrosive and saline environments.

I have seen some concrete weighbridge manufacturers who can produce up to 150 truck scales every month. You can find some concrete truck scales having capacities that range from 10 to 1550 ton and platforms measuring 2m by 2m to 25m by 6m. However, these measurements vary from one manufacturer to another. Some sellers are keen to make custom concrete weighbridges depending on your unique requirements.

You can go for a pit-mounted or surface mounted scale depending on the availability of space. Using a steel frame for the concrete scale is specially designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions. Modern manufacturers deploy the latest machinery to make sure that quality is inbuilt in the manufacturing process. The production system will make sure that there is impeccable attention on the performance of the product and a faster response to the needs of the customers. There are thousands of concrete weighbridges across the nation. A reputable manufacturer will give you expert advice about the optimum type of weighbridge that will suit your site conditions. The most important thing is to make sure that the product that you choose meets your operational goals.

An excellent weighbridge will give you an accurate weight of the truck first time and every time. You should also go for fast and economical installation that does not compromise on the quality. Some installers prefer to go for epoxy paint coating and shot-blasting to provide superb levels of preventing corrosion.

Most of the factory built concrete weighbridges are calibrated with stringent quality standards to ensure reliability. Using superior steel will provide load-bearing capacity and sectional efficiency. You can also create high-quality concrete weighbridges all the time by using epoxy finishing, protective coating, shot blasting, NDT Testing, MIG welding, and plasma cutting. The best expert will carry out testing and calibration for the new weighbridge system before delivery.

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