Going up the top of Eiffel Tower is certainly one of the greatest travel thrills that you can experience in Europe. No doubt, you will always find big crowd here and also too expensive to enter and many other spots of the Paris may offer much better views. However, once you manage to enter then you will automatically become a part of exclusive society which has about 250 million people, whose contribution have made this Eiffel Tower as one of the “MOST VISITED MONUMENTS IN THE WORLD”!

In order to pay a visit to this 1,000-foot-tall ornament, you will have to battle with the crowds and pay entry fees about $20/person but it is well worth it. We are providing few tips to make it fun, memorable and time-efficient.

Book advance tickets

You will end up wasting lots of your time if you visit here without any advanced ticket booking. During summer months this wait in the queue may take more than 2 hours sometimes and weekends and holidays are far worse.

You can always make advance booking for entry ticket to Eifel tower through online booking. You must be sure about your visiting date as ticket fees are non-refundable.  In case you failed to get booking through online on your preferred date then you must visit earlier before the tower timing starts.

Consider your timing

If you are interested to get the best view then plan to arrive just before sunset and wait till dark so that you can see the tower under lights. You will get the opportunity to see a 5-minute display with many sparkling lights that is lassoing the tower. The tower is no doubt very impressive during day too however it will look awesome when the city is in darkness and the tower will give spectacular light show.

Ensure that your valuables are kept out of reach

Many street thieves are very active particularly they target awestruck visitors who are standing below the tower. Hence, you must wear any money belt or any other means so that your cash and valuables are out of reach of any pick pocketers. Be particularly careful about your mobile phone.

Sightsee from different levels

The tower has 3 different levels for observation platforms, which are roughly about 200 feet, 400 feet and 900 feet and all are connected by stairs and elevators. However, there is no single elevator that will take you to the top. To get there, you will have to reach different levels and from there either use staircase or take another elevator. Thus, at every level you have to stand in a queue to get access to elevator.

Don’t miss peep at the secret apartment

Only few people know that Gustave Eiffel had built for himself a little hidden apartment at the top of Eifel tower. Eiffel often used to come here and spend time and resisted many offers for renting it out. You can easily peer inside and see the still-furnished space.

Peak experience will be halfway down

You may go up to the top of tower if you have enough time but spend more time on the 2nd floor, as you will get the best views from middle level, which is high enough to make you see everything of Paris and also low enough to distinguish few important landmarks. Also, do not skip the 1st level and explore various shops and exhibits.

Come down by stairs to save time

You have to unnecessary waste time on the queue for the elevator at each level for going up or down. You may use the stairs also to save your time. You can climb down much faster. Also, to get more details about Eifel tower and book your tour tickets, you can visit the website: http://www.tripindicator.com/eiffel-tower-tickets-tours-floors-details.html. Once you are on the ground, you will appreciate better about tower’s romance and its engineering even more.

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